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Licenced childcare facility “deemed to move forward” for Fairvern
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Licenced childcare facility “deemed to move forward” for Fairvern

Posted: 2024-06-13 07:35:29 By: thebay

Bracebridge Councillor, Don Smith, announced that a licenced childcare facility is “deemed to move forward” at the Fairvern long-term facility, in the June 12, 2024, Council meeting.

He advised that the District is currently at the design approval phase of the construction project, so, it makes sense to decide on the childcare facility now “while the shovels are on the ground.”

The plan is to have 64 spaces at the childcare facility, and it will likely be increased because the goal is to operate it in 12-hour cycles.

The intention for the cycles is so that people working various shifts will have access earlier or later in the day, advised Smith.

A consideration is being made for an increase to the 12-hour cycles to accommodate tourism as well, including operating 6-days a week.

Smith added that the construction cost will be over $5.5 million. He said, “It sounds like a lot but the cost per space is less.”

He advised that because the facility is an extension of the Fairvern project it will be less than other projects within and outside of the region.

The facility still has to be approved by District Council, which Smith “suspects will move forward.”

It will be funded by both a portion of external debt and grant funding, advised Smith.

Councillor, Tatiana Sutherland, indicated that the facility “is near and dear to my heart.” She said she moved to Muskoka with a 2-month-old baby and expressed having issues finding childcare. Her baby was 2 years old before they found a childcare facility.

She added that the experience had an impact financially, mentally, and with her family, “which is significant and ripples out for years to come.”