Local Residents On The Hook For $40 Million For Two New Hospitals

Posted: 2019-03-22 07:26:05 By: hbr

Muskoka Algonquin Health Care (MAHC) is being stretched to the limit and it's going to take a significant amount of money to get them where they need to be.

That was the message from MAHC’s CEO and board chair when they came before Bracebridge councillors during their most recent general committee meeting.

Board chair Philip Matthews told councillors that the hospitals in Huntsville and Bracebridge are currently operating at 110 percent of their capacity - far higher than most hospitals in the province typically do. A significant problem is the number of alternate level of care patients - patients that should be receiving care in another facility. Other problems include a lack of staff and a shortfall of PSWs to help patients receive care outside of hospitals.

Matthews said that MAHC expects to see a $2.5 million shortfall in their budget for this fiscal year, and they also require at least $40 million in new infrastructure investments.

He also spoke to the board’s recent decision to support the continued existence of two acute care facilities in Muskoka.

The price tag to make the necessary upgrades to both facilities is pegged at $400 million, although that number does not include other costs like the creation of new roads, parking lots or a cafeteria. Local taxpayers will be on the hook for $40 million.