Miller Wants Input on Waste Reduction

Posted: 2019-03-08 07:59:44 By: hbr

MPP Norm Miller says his government is working to reduce waste in our communities and is asking for input.

This week Environment, Conservation and Parks Minister Rod Phillips released a discussion paper about reducing waste and litter which includes sections on making producers responsible for waste, diverting food and organic waste, reducing plastic waste going into landfills and providing clear rules for compostables.

Miller says he is pleased to see the government focused on waste reduction and diversion. “It is shocking that we still only manage to recycle or otherwise divert 30% of our waste from landfill,” he said

Ontario’s waste diversion rate has stalled at 30% for the past 15 years, meaning 70% of our waste still goes to landfill. As well, 60% of food and organic waste is still sent to landfills in Ontario, adding to greenhouse gas when it decomposes.

Phillips says “there are so many great ideas out there in the province that we want to build on to reduce waste, divert more of it away from landfills and get our diversion rate moving in the right direction again.”

Over his legislative career Miller has introduced a number of waste reduction related Private Member’s Bills including ones on compostable coffee pods, producer responsibility and deposit return systems for liquor bottles and batteries.