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Muskoka Conservancy fishing line recycling program approved for Huntsville
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Muskoka Conservancy fishing line recycling program approved for Huntsville

Posted: 2023-05-24 14:28:29 By: thebay

Huntsville Council approved the Muskoka Conservancy Fishing Line Recycling Program to be launched in the Town, in the May 24, 3023, meeting.

The Program, currently existing in Bracebridge and Gravenhurst, provides two locations to the public for the fishing line to be dropped off at.

Given the success of launching the Program in the other Towns, the Conservancy reached out to Huntsville Council for support to further expand it’s reach.

The goal of the program is to recycle the fishing line, rather than pollute the water or environment with it.

The Conservancy will work with the Town staff to choose two locations to put the tubes for placement of the line that is to the satisfaction of the Director of Operations and Protective services.

Deputy Mayor, Dan Armour advised that in line with the program, the Conservancy will be responsible for the lines. He said, “They install them, look after them and collect them.” He added that when people are back from boating, they can put the lines in the tubes, “and it doesn’t end up in our waterways.”

According to the Conservancy, the old tangled and worn-out line will be collected from the white recycling tubes supplied by them. They add, “Muskoka Conservancy will collect the fishing line and send it to Berkley Fishing for recycling… They melt it down into plastic pellets and turn it into new plastic products, such as fish habitats.”

The Conservancy indicates that they will continue to expand the program if it is successful.