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Nature of Things episode highlights Algonquin & Muskoka
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Nature of Things episode highlights Algonquin & Muskoka

Posted: 2024-02-07 08:42:31 By: thebay

Algonquin Provincial Park and scenic views of Muskoka will take center stage in "Secret World of Sound," a new three-part series premiering this month on CBC's The Nature of Things and CBC Gem. This special presentation explores how animals utilize sound for hunting, mating, and survival.

In Episode Three called "Finding A Voice," viewers will get an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of wolf pups in Algonquin Provincial Park. As the pups transition from the den to the open space known as a Rendezvous site, they must learn to howl to protect themselves and alert the pack of danger.

The episode will premiere on February 29th.