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New pedestrian walkway opens for Fairyview residents
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New pedestrian walkway opens for Fairyview residents

Posted: 2023-11-22 07:09:36 By: thebay

The Town of Huntsville says that a new Town-maintained walkway has been installed in the Highway 60 corridor and is now available for pedestrian use.

This seasonal walkway connects Fairyview Drive with the pedestrian crossing at Highway 60 and Szawlowski Drive to help residents maintain access to the community during the winter months.

Barriers have been installed and signage has been posted to help the community visually identify the walkway. Pedestrians are asked to stay within the barriers as a private property owner has granted the Town permission to install the temporary walkway on their land.

This new walkway will divert pedestrian traffic away from the paved shoulders on Highway 60.

Town staff say they are working to find a more permanent solution to connect the Town’s active transportation routes from Fairyview Drive, across Highway 60, and to downtown Huntsville.