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Next steps for Huntsville's Florence Street Micro Community Land Development
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Next steps for Huntsville's Florence Street Micro Community Land Development

Posted: 2024-06-28 08:12:17 By: thebay

Huntsville Council was informed about the next steps for the Florence Street Micro Community Land Donation development, in the June 24, 2024, meeting.

Muskoka Community Land Trust (MCLT) board member, Ben Jardine, advised Council that they are currently in the CPP application phase of the project that will develop two 2 storey multi-residential buildings, for a total of 72 units.

He said the conceptual phase has concluded and this summer they will be working on technical documents with the Planning Department.

Jardine added that the MCLT has initiated community involvement, including various meetings with the general public, community groups, business owners and stakeholders. “The feedback has been tremendous,” he said.

They’ve also consulted with a team of technicians, advisers, the building industry, and had a governance review and structuring consultation.

Design factors include allowing for green space, use of existing roadway, central amenities, preservation of natural vegetation, and accessibility, including connective trails to support active transportation.

According to the MCLT report, “Cost/benefit analysis of building materials well underway; optimizing structural floor plan design.”

Grant funding includes $75,000 from the Investment Readiness program, and $48,571 from the Community Housing Transformation Centre Sector Transformation Fund.

The report indicates, “Formal funding applications and business plans complete, ready for submission to CHMC, GMF, GC Wood, and more.”

Next steps include obtaining a building permit, site work, including preparation of building drawings, and construction, indicates the report.

Jardine advised that the MCLT will also be organizing community events.

He added that they are ready to begin working with the Town for “affirmation of commitment of land donation.”

He also provided information about a previous query about how the Town’s investment can be protected, which includes options such as a surety bond at full value, land purchase with a registered mortgage, partial conveyance “based on successful phase completion,” and a 100-year land lease model.

Council agreed to move forward with the Town’s and MCLT lawyers for intent.

Jardine advised that phase one of construction is expected to begin early in 2025.