Police Lay Charges Against Boat Load of Partiers

Posted: 2018-07-18 07:19:10 By: hbr

OPP have charged 5 people after they responded to a report of a boat load of intoxicated youths in the South Channel area of Georgian Bay in The Archipelago Township, on June 16th.

23 year old Connor Scott from Parry Sound, was arrested and charged with: 

  • Operate vessel - care or control while impaired by alcohol,
  • Operate vessel - more 80 mgs of alcohol in blood,
  • Operate vessel underway with open liquor,

Four passengers in the boat were charged with having open liquor in other than licenced premises.

The OPP reminds vessel operators that there is no safe amount of drug or alcohol consumption when operating a boat and that the same laws apply to boats as vehicles.