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Police remind drivers to stop for school buses
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Police remind drivers to stop for school buses

Posted: 2023-09-05 07:19:05 By: thebay

OPP are reminding drivers to be cautious and vigilant not only today, but throughout the new school year as area students return to school.

OPP will be out on area roads conducting school bus patrols as students return for their first day of school.

In accordance with the Highway Traffic Act, new amber-yellow lights will flash as the school bus approaches a stop which will serve as a warning to drivers that the bus will be stopping soon. Motorists encountering a stopped school bus that has its overhead red signal-lights flashing, must stop before reaching the bus and shall not proceed until the bus moves or the overhead read signal-lights have stopped flashing.

Penalties include a fine of $490 plus six demerit points for a first offence and range from $1000 to $4000, plus six demerit points and possible jail time up to six months for each subsequent offence upon conviction.