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Retirement for two District of Muskoka employees

Retirement for two District of Muskoka employees

Posted: 2022-05-17 09:44:53 By: thebay

The May 16th District of Muskoka Council meeting announced the retirement of two of its long-term employees, Commissioner of Community and Planning Services (CAPS), Samantha Hastings, and Commissioner of Engineering and Public Works (EPW), Fred Jahn.

Hastings, having been with the District since 1999, will be replaced by Arfona Zwiers. And Jahn who started in 2014 will be replaced by James Steele.

Deputy Mayor, Nancy Alcock expressed heartfelt appreciation to Hastings, saying, “Thank you for being an incredible mentor…an important role model to my capacity as Chair of CAPS. Kind and generous with her time, and patience dealing with important and sensitive issues... We will all miss Samantha and wish you the best in the next chapter.”

Councillor Phil Harding said that Jahn “had huge boots to fill” when he joined the District. He added, “You’ve done so much. You have the knowledge and gave us the same knowledge...and empowerment. Thank you for 8 years of service. Now you can empower your grandson.”

Julie Stevens added that Jahn worked for forty-four years – 20 in the public sector, and added that Hastings “understands the business and the people, and provided thoughtful, caring and courageous conversations to help coach staff, and innovation and collaboration.”

Chair, John Klinck, thanked both commissioners, saying, “We all wish you the best.”