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SIU clears Bracebridge OPP in self-inflicted injury case
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SIU clears Bracebridge OPP in self-inflicted injury case

Posted: 2024-01-25 14:52:01 By: thebay

The Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Joseph Martino, has concluded an inquiry into self-inflicted injuries sustained by a 35-year-old man, determining that there is no basis for further investigation.

According to preliminary findings, on September 30, 2023, the man jumped from a moving vehicle while he was being driven to the hospital. He was of unsound mind and wished to end his life. He then went to a residence in Bracebridge and cut his throat with knives..

Bracebridge OPP, responding under the Mental Health Act, took him into custody, and he was promptly treated for his wounds at the hospital.

The investigation found no indication of police involvement in causing the injuries, leading to the closure of the case.