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Talks with MAHC and Physicians move plans for a new health system forward
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Talks with MAHC and Physicians move plans for a new health system forward

Posted: 2024-03-28 13:28:19 By: thebay

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare says it is encouraged by the outcomes of the engagement session with the Credentialed Staff Association, which includes physicians and other care providers from North and South Muskoka.

Cheryl Harrison, President and CEO of the MAHC, says she is optimistic about the discussions, highlighting progress toward an integrated, patient-centered, and sustainable proposal.

The group reviewed data related to the "Care Close to Home" model proposed by some South Muskoka physicians, which preliminarily exceeded budget parameters. Discussions included concepts such as adding more beds and preserving obstetrical services at the Bracebridge site.

John Simpson, Director and Chief of Emergency Medicine, emphasized the healthy discussion that brought the region closer to a mutually beneficial model. The MAHC says it will continue engaging with the association to provide additional data and information. Factors influencing the final plan include cost, staffing, provincial funding, and local contributions.

The MAHC says the next steps involve ongoing engagement with internal staff, credentialed staff, volunteers, community organizations, and the public before finalizing the plan for submission.