Town Of Bracebridge Spends $60K On HR Software

Town Of Bracebridge Spends $60K On HR Software

Posted: 2021-12-01 07:23:45 By: thebay

Town of Bracebridge staff will be getting new human resources software after council agreed to spend $59,555 plus HST on a new system.

The contract to install the new Human Resources Information System is to be awarded to HR Systems Strategies as recommended by Town staff. The funds will be taken from an $80,000 reserve.

This user-friendly system will allow staff to see what vacation time is available to them, request time off through their managers, as well as streamline other human resources processes.

The Town of Bracebridge currently uses iCity to store its human resources data. However, staff found that the predominantly municipal financial software solution does not have the necessary functionality and capability required to effectively manage all human resources data for the Town’s growing workforce.

The new system will include an annual hosting fee of over $1,000, which was questioned by some councillors.

Staff explained this is a standard occurrence now, as corporations and municipalities no longer need to have their own server towers on site, which would need regular maintenance and replacements every five years, and eventually cost much more than the hosting fee.

The new system is expected to come online sometime in 2022.