Youth Take A Stand Against Vaping

Posted: 2019-10-18 07:57:52 By: hbr

Local youth are spreading the word that vaping is not just harmless water vapour.

15-year-old Lachlan Craig says “Nobody knows the long-term – or even some of the short-term health effects of vaping.  What we do know is that vaping is definitely not harmless. Anyone who vapes becomes part of the industry’s health experiment.”

Craig along with a number of youth across the region worked with public health staff to help create an educational website and they want their peers to know about it. includes materials that give teens, parents and teachers the facts about the health effects of vaping; the industry’s marketing of these addictive products; and the chemical mixtures that can make up e-liquids. The information is designed to help young people make vape and smoke-free choices.

Cindy Baker-Barill, with the health unit says “Youth are vaping at an alarming rate. Data shows a 74% jump in vaping among 16-19 year olds in Canada between 2017 and 2018 reaching 14.6% from 8.4% in one year. It’s clear we are way behind in the fight to prevent youth uptake.”

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