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Muskoka Social

Muskoka Social

Hosts: Audrey & Agatha

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  • Saturday - 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM


Agatha Farmer is the publisher of Muskoka Post and the food review journal Delicious Muskoka, a journalist - published in the Gravenhurst Banner, Bracebridge Examiner, Muskoka Region, Huntsville Forester, The Toronto Star, The Muskokan, she also holds a personal trainer certification and is a former fitness studio owner. Agatha is an avid barefoot walker and founder of Muskoka Barefoot. In her spare time she has recently begun leading Barefoot Yoga Workshops in Muskoka forests. Agatha studied journalism at Humber College and focused on political science and history at the University of Toronto. A long time political activist/volunteer, and by extension forever a political junkie, in combination with her journalism experience she has developed a unique, unfiltered view on governmental policy, procedures and affairs. For the last two years Agatha has been covering and reporting on all levels of government in the political world of Muskoka and its varied and multi-layered current affairs issues. As a Muskoka resident and business owner Agatha is passionately invested in the overall well being of the Muskoka community.


The Muskoka Social brings you the latest scoop on hot button issues and dilemmas in the district of Muskoka. Host Agatha Farmer, publisher of Muskoka Post, hand picks the most impactful regional topics from various sources including council and community meetings, community events, community social media groups, etc. The Muskoka Social will feature guest co-host Gravenhurst resident, writer and Huffington Post contributor Audrey Van Petegem, as well as the voices of the Muskoka community to offer an insightful and balanced experience into the inner workings of this region.


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