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Boyer's Modern History Of Muskoka

Boyer's Modern History Of Muskoka

Host: J. Patrick Boyer

Show Schedule:

  • Saturday - 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM
  • Sunday - 11:00 PM to 11:30 PM

“Boyer’s Modern History of Muskoka” on Hunters Bay Radio features eye-opening reports by historian and author J. Patrick Boyer on how global events transformed local life and how people in our communities responded as values and behaviours changed. In effect, “Boyer’s Modern History Of Muskoka” presents a series of case studies on major social, cultural, economic, and political change – told through the authentic lives of people and places we know.

About J. Patrick Boyer:

Host of Hunters Bay Radio’s engaging new program “Boyer’s Modern History Of Muskoka,” author and historian J. Patrick Boyer, is a fifth-generation Muskokan whose ancestors were homesteaders here before Confederation.

Patrick was raised and educated in Bracebridge, active in sports, camping, and newspaper work. Holding university degrees in economics, politics, law, and history, he’s been a partner of a major Toronto law firm, Member of Parliament for a Toronto constituency, and Parliamentary Secretary for External Affairs. Patrick has also worked as a university professor, newspaper reporter, and television host. Author of two dozen books, his features on Muskoka history appear in UNIQUE Muskoka magazine, his column “Muskoka in Perspective” is published weekly in Muskoka Region newspaper, and in 2019, he launched a new series of books on Muskoka history. The first, Muskokans Fight the Great War, is “a peoples’ history” and includes revised accounts of what really happened to Muskokans during the First World War. That same investigative spirit will infuse Boyer’s series on Muskoka’s authentic heritage, here on Hunters Bay Radio.

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