Treasure Hunt

Congrats to Ken Brockinghurst, who is our winner after finding the Treasure Chest with his daughters.  Ken will be taking delivery of a new Husqvarna Snow Thrower from Sunbelt Rentals. Thanks to everyone for playing.


Hunters Bay Radio & Sunbelt Rentals are inviting you to become a pirate and find the hidden treasure chest in The Bay's Treasure Hunt!

Find the daily clues below or click here...

If you find the Treasure Chest you will win a Husqvarna Snow Thrower courtesy of Sunbelt Rentals.

We'll be giving you a new clue every day after the news at the top of the hour.  Plus we'll be giving you a chance to get a head start and get tomorrow's clue today.  Listen to the DJ's telling you to Text in the Key word "Sunbelt" to the Festing Toyota Textline at 705-224-2527.  We'll give you 3 chances - everyday weekday with Grant, Jake and Sarah.

Check back here for previous clues so you can catch up on anything you've missed.

Get the whole family involved - and follow the clues and find the hidden treasure and win a Husqvarna Snow Thrower from SunBelt Rentals!


Sunbelt Rentals/Hunters Bay Radio staff and volunteers or immediate family cannot play and do not know the location of the Treasure Chest.

The treasure chest (measures 3"x2"x2") is located outside and is not on private property.
No digging is required to find the treasure chest (unless it is covered in snow). 
The location is on land and can be reached by land. 
There is no reason to go out on the water to find it. 
Please be careful around bodies of water.

The first person to return the treasure chest to Hunters Bay Radio's studio on Main St West will be the winner and will receive the Snow Thrower and the presentation will be filmed for public display.  Your name will be released to the public.

The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.


Get a map.  Use the internet to decipher clues.

Learn the meaning of certain Pirate phrases and words.

Know a little bit of local history and landmarks.

Arrrr! Th' Daily Clues Matey!

October 17th - From the place once called Wellwood, gaze out over your empire and spy that what you seek.

October 16th - Ahoy scallywags!  grab ye map 'n mark it this time at CPS. nah its time t' connect th' dots

October 15th - mark up ye map, ye scallywag, of the place o 'where its nah.  but an X  marks the spot.

October 14th - grab ye map, and mark it good where fields o rubber are under foot.

October 13th - Make ye a map, and mark it this time, where a shanty be, on the isle of Gallaugher

October 12th - On top of a hill 'twon't be found, but th' loot ain't buried in th' ground

October 11th - Avast! Thar are many treasures in th' world, but th' loot ye seek will not be found inside 

October 10th - Ahoy mateys! findin' th' booty won't be easy. Start by "post'" "one" "home"