9-1-1 Pocket Dials Costing Tax Payers Lots of Money - Smith

Posted: 2019-12-24 07:22:58 By: hbr

Nearly one in 10, 9-1-1 calls in Muskoka are either pocket dials or made in error.

According to Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith all those pocket dials and mix-ups are beginning to cost the taxpayers of Muskoka a significant amount of money.

Mayor Smith was speaking to District councillors during their latest meeting,  as he provided an update on the cost for policing in 2020.

On the whole, the cost of policing for the District is remaining relatively consistent next year with a minor decrease of roughly $25,000 compared to 2019. The 2020 cost is just under $16 million.

Calls for service make up roughly 44% of the municipal policing cost and, of those calls Smith said roughly 9% are either pocket dials or misdials.

“They are taking up a lot of time and costing us a lot of money,” said Smith.

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