Accommodation Tax Coming To Gravenhurst

Accommodation Tax Coming To Gravenhurst

Posted: 2021-11-18 10:28:59 By: thebay

The Town of Gravenhurst is looking towards implementing a municipal accommodation tax on both commercial and short-term rental accommodations in the area.
Funds from this tax could be used to support and maintain roads, parks, natural areas: the resources that many visitors and tourists would be using during their stays.
Gravenhurst manager of economic development, marketing and tourism Jeff Loney recommended that this tax be applied to both commercial and short-term rentals.”
He added that in order to apply the tax to short-term rentals, a licensing program would need to be in place, which was also a topic of discussion for during their November meeting.
Deputy Mayor Heidi Lorenz says, “It's a huge window of opportunity that we need to take advantage of. Everyone is doing it; we aren't breaking ground. This is a revenue stream.”
When asked about the public interest, Loney says, “we have seen interest from accommodators in the area to see this put in place.”
Council directed staff to develop options on how to best implement the new tax.