Big Four Responsible 156 Deaths On OPP Patrolled Roads

Posted: 2018-10-05 07:59:33 By: hbr

As of October 1, the deaths of 156 people on OPP-patrolled roads were linked to the "Big Four" leading contributing factors in road fatalities. These are aggressive driving, alcohol/drug impaired driving, inattentive driving and lack of seat belt use.

Police say that so far this year, 50 deaths were linked to speeding . 37 deaths were attributed to inattentive drivers and 35 deaths involved a driver who had consumed alcohol and/or drugs. Failure to wear a seat belt was a factor in 34 people losing their lives in collisions on OPP-patrolled roads.

Over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend, the OPP is joining police partners across Canada for Operation Impact, an enforcement-driven initiative aimed at increasing public compliance with laws in place to save lives and reduce injuries on our roads.

BRAD BLAIR, Provincial Commander of Traffic Safety and Operational Support  says "So far this year, the OPP has laid more than 175,000 charges against aggressive, inattentive, alcohol and drug-impaired drivers, and unbuckled vehicle occupants. The three behaviours associated with driving are linked to over 15,000 collisions to date, 95 of which were fatal.