Boarding school decision coming soon

Boarding school decision coming soon

Posted: 2020-12-29 15:21:27 By: thebay

The fate of the former Muskoka Royale property in Bracebridge is set to be decided on January 13.

The 450-acre property located near Lake Muskoka has been a hot topic since early 2019 when plans for a boarding school on the property were announced.

The project's proponents say the development will bring nearly 1,800 students into the area and employ more than 100 staff.

Opponents say developing an institution on the property will do irreparable damage to sensitive wetlands located there.  They collected more than 4,000 signatures on a petition in an effort to block the project from going forward.

Many members of the public have attended virtual meetings and pre-pandemic public forums to provide their input but the January 13 meeting will not be open to the public. It can be viewed live on the town of Bracebridge’s website.