Bracebridge Appoints Residents to Town Committees

Posted: 2019-01-25 07:40:20 By: hbr

The Town of Bracebridge has appointed residents to a variety of Committees and Boards that play an important role in the ongoing business of the Town.

Mayor Graydon Smith says “Their involvement plays a critical role in helping us to achieve our common goals, which is the betterment of our community.”

At its meeting held on January 16, Council made the appointments to the Town’s statutory Committees and Board for the 2018 to 2022 Term.  For the full list see our story at




Accessibility Advisory Committee


1. Jane Caughey

2. Peter Cross

3. Robert Fudge

4. Diane Lloyd

5. Margaret Young



Bracebridge Public Library Board


1. Nick Bianchi

2. Evelyn Brown

3. Paul Feist

4. Bonnie Greer

5. Barbara Hutchinson

6. Gary Lachance

7. Carol Anne Robinson

8. Tatiana Sutherland



Committee of Adjustment for Consents


1. Michael Fitton

2. Terry Henderson

3. Brian Howden



Committee of Adjustment for Minor Variances


1. Wayne Moore

2. Kim Parlett

3. Allen Taylor

4. Daryl Beaumont (Alternate)


Property Standards Appeal Committee


1. Mike Gooch

2. Corey Holmes

3. Brian Howden


Town of Bracebridge and Gol kommune Norway Friendship Committee


1. Terry Henderson

2. Bruce Kruger

3. Sigrid Purdon



Town Criers


1. Bruce C. Kruger and his Escort Lynda M. Kruger

2. R. Shaun Kruger and his Escort Martina Kruger