Bracebridge Grants Seniors Group $10,000

Posted: 2019-02-12 10:00:31 By: hbr

The seniors from the Active Living Centre got a boost from the Town of Bracebridge during their most recent general committee meeting.

The Town agreed to grant the senior’s club $10,000 to help hire a part-time support worker.

Mayor Graydon Smith lauded the work of the group and said the funding from the Town might allow the seniors to also access funds from the province. He said the population of Bracebridge is aging and the centre has a number of beneficial programs for their 225 members.

There was some discussion over parking issues, as they share a public parking lot with the library, the post office, a church, a restaurant and other businesses. CAO John Sisson said there has been some talk of expanding the parking lot but there are no plans to do so currently.