Bracebridge To Replace Black Bridge At A Cost Of $2.5 Million

Posted: 2020-01-30 07:43:54 By: hbr

After nearly a century of service, the Black Bridge on the Matthiasville Road in Bracebridge is ready for replacement.

During their most recent General committee meeting, Bracebridge councillors agreed that the replacement will be a bowstring truss bridge. The bridge is going to cost roughly $2.5 million dollars to replace but the federal and provincial governments will recoup the majority of the cost.

The Black Bridge is a 98-year old structural steel truss bridge located over the South Branch of the Muskoka River on Matthiasville Road, approximately one km northeast of Highway 118. 

The new single-lane bridge will have enhanced safety features, a  pedestrian walkway,  and is expected to improve traffic and road conditions.