Bracebridge Transit Hitting Targets

Posted: 2019-04-17 07:23:48 By: hbr

Two and a half years into Bracebridge’s public transit experiment, things appear to be going more or less to plan.

A study done before the transit system was launched indicated potential ridership of 10,000 in year one, 20,000 in year two and 30,000 in year three. The transit system is on pace to hit those targets, Bracebridge councillors heard during their most recent general committee meeting.

Mayor Graydon Smith said the system is not used heavily for daily commuting purposes but rather for those who need to provide for their daily needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner. He said he's proud of the work they’ve done in that regard.

The transit system loses money annually, as do all public transit systems, said Smith. However, he wondered if there wasn’t an opportunity to monetize the system by allowing for advertising on bus shelters and the sides of buses.

Staff agreed that advertising should be taken into consideration and they’ll endeavour to have a closer look at potential advertising opportunities.