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Be Prepared for an Emergency with #AlertMuskoka App
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Be Prepared for an Emergency with #AlertMuskoka App

Posted: 2024-05-08 10:30:05 By: thebay

If you are a Muskoka resident who has installed the “Alert Muskoka” App, you will be receiving an alert to your device this week.

And if you don’t have the app installed, the Muskoka Emergency Response Committee is urging you to do so.

Being prepared, staying informed, and knowing how to access vital information are essential first steps in emergency preparedness.

The Muskoka Emergency Response Committee has scheduled a test of the #AlertMuskoka system, for this Friday at 10:00 a.m.

This system is designed to send alerts and information if natural disasters like floods and wildfires, severe weather events, and other local emergencies that could impact safety or disrupt daily life. 

Residents are urged to activate the “Voyent Alert!” App and update their settings.

For more information visit muskoka.on.ca.