Clement Honoured At Bracebridge Council Meeting

Posted: 2019-09-30 10:45:14 By: hbr

MP Tony Clement was honoured during a formal thank you presentation at the most recent Bracebridge Town council meeting.

Mayor Graydon Smith thanked the long-time MP for the work he’s done in the riding, and presented him with a plaque and certificate. Smith lauded Clement’s ability to handle a high workload at the federal level of government, while still spending large amounts of time traveling the Muskoka Parry Sound region attending events and fielding concerns from constituents.

Clement won his first federal election in the riding in 2006 and commented that he has now had the pleasure of working with three mayors in Bracebridge. Clement said he’s thankful that he’s always seen eye to eye with Bracebridge’s politicians when it comes to the betterment of the community.