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Clocks spring forward this Sunday

Clocks spring forward this Sunday

Posted: 2023-03-10 07:22:01 By: thebay

It's time once more to be ready for the yearly custom of daylight saving time as winter comes to an end and the days start to get longer.

On Sunday, March 12, the clocks will jump ahead, bringing with them longer, brighter days.

The majority of Canadians will advance their clocks by one hour as part of this long-standing tradition, with the time change occurring at 2 am and clocks moving forward at 3 am

In Canada, nine of the 10 provinces and two of the three territories observe daylight saving time (DST), with a few exceptions in Nunavut and some regions of several other provinces.

The Yukon, the majority of Saskatchewan, and some regions of northwest Ontario, BC, and Quebec don't need to change their clocks because they observe standard time all year round.