Councillors Express Concern Over Renovictions

Posted: 2019-12-30 07:15:51 By: hbr

At least one District councillor would like to see more action when it comes to the issue of so-called "renovictions".

The issue came forward during the latest district council meeting,  as councillors unanimously agreed to approve an updated version of Muskoka’s housing and homelessness plan. 

The document is aimed at setting the stage for the future of housing in Muskoka by addressing community housing, planning and policy, public/private partnerships, and innovative tools. 

Councillor Rick Maloney from Bracebridge said he would like to see the policy address the increasing problem of renovictions. Maloney said he'd like more protection for tenants who are being displaced by landlords seeking to do renovations on their properties.

District staff said the issue is complex,  as landlords are often unable to do any renovations until a property is vacant which could be many months or years. She said the district's top priority should be to seek greater funding from the province to help address the issue in Muskoka.

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