COVID-19 Forces Changes To The Way To Garage Sale

COVID-19 Forces Changes To The Way To Garage Sale

Posted: 2020-03-30 11:20:56 By: hbr

The term garage sale has been reinvented.  Facebook has spawned a new way to sell your random unwanted items.
Before the pandemic users would go onto local based groups and bid on items starting at a dollar.

Many of these groups hold weekly meet ups to swap cash and product.

With the current restrictions on social interaction, many have gone to a porch pickup.  The auction will end and the buyer and seller agree to pickup at a designated porch.  No interaction happens - the seller will leave the item on the porch and the buyer will leave cash or send an etransfer.  I know from experience and the honesty between buyer and seller is amazing.

The world of commerce will continue in these strange times!

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