District Councilors Consider Supermajority Voting

District Councilors Consider Supermajority Voting

Posted: 2021-02-08 07:50:15 By: thebay

District Councillors discussed “supermajority voting” as a likely option for voting when reducing district council members to 18 plus the chair during a special council meeting last week, to gather public input on municipal modernization.

Supermajority voting needs a minimum of two-thirds approval from each municipality to pass a motion, with each council member having an equal vote. However, there are two big flaws, according to Ken Pearce, Director and Secretary of Friends of Muskoka.

During his deputation, Pearce offers two scenarios. One is that if there’s a vote of 16 out of 18 and two district councillors who voted against the motion are from the same lower tier municipality, the motion fails. It fails because if those two people vote against or don’t vote, it’s not officially regarded as votes by two-thirds of the council.

The second scenario is that if the vote is 16 to zero and, again, the two district councillors from the same lower tier municipality didn’t vote, abstained or didn’t attend the meeting for any reason, the amendment fails again.


By Leila Nasr-Sharifi, special to