District Hears JW Marriott In Compliance After Spill

Posted: 2019-10-25 07:18:29 By: hbr

The District of Muskoka continues to keep an eye on the sewage situation at the JW Marriott Resort in Minett but they report the resort is now in compliance with a provincial order.

In July,  the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks issued a Province’s Order over a range of non-compliance issues with the system. Those issues included raw sewage spills into Lake Rosseau which occurred in July of  2015, December of 2017, July of 2018 and July of 2019.

Last month District staff met with Marriott reps and also were informed by the province that the resort is now in compliance. District staff reported that the JW Marriott expressed commitment to addressing the concerns.

District staff also reported that all MOE reports and health officials confirmed there was no impact to Wallace Bay from the incidents.