Driver Charged After Becoming Stranded On Flooded Road

Posted: 2019-05-03 10:19:44 By: hbr

Bracebridge OPP charged a motorist who became stranded in water after driving down a road that had been closed due to flooding yesterday.

Police say the small car drove past the "Road Closed" sign on River Road in Bracebridge and proceeded into the flood water, and then the vehicle stalled.

Resources from both Military Police and the OPP were tied up rescuing the stranded passengers, and a tow truck had to be contacted for the crippled vehicle.

Further investigation revealed that the driver of the vehicle was operating under a suspended drivers licence and she was charged for both Driving on a Closed Road and Driving Under Suspension.

Police would like to remind motorists to stay off of closed roads, they're closed for a reason. The flood water hides washed out sections of roadway, fast moving currents can carry a vehicle away. In either situation the occupants are in severe danger of injury and loss of life.