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From MuskokaUnlimited.com: Citronella in Gravenhurst
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From MuskokaUnlimited.com: Citronella in Gravenhurst

Posted: 2023-07-19 11:11:49 By: thebay

From MuskokaUnlimited.com: Citronella in Gravenhurst

Visiting with writer Autumn Smith during a Citronella rehearsal break and the positive vibes are palpable.

Autumn, who is also the executive director of TimberBeast Productions, is very excited about the upcoming pantomime which provides a Gravenhurst twist on the classic Cinderella fairy tale.

A traditional British pantomime is about music, dancing, farcical and slapstick comedy, fun and audience interaction and is based on fairy tales or nursery rhymes. Citronella hits all the marks of a fantastic pantomime.

“It’s fun, it’s for the whole family,” explains Autumn, who ended up writing five drafts of Citronella. “There are jokes that are meant for the adults, but only the adults will get them. The children will love it because they’ll get to boo the villain and cheer the hero. And this one is more full-on than most pantomimes . . . it’s a hoot.”

Autumn wrote the original draft of the story in 2019 – with its theatre debut delayed because of the pandemic – and now the zany, disco-inspired, support local-driven, musically magical performance is less than 10 days away.

Finally, this family fun story will get its opportunity to be seen and shared by all. The cast and production team are inviting everyone to join sisters Segwun and Wenonah, their stepsister Citronella, and her wacky “fairy godmother” Muskoka Mary for a hilarious journey.

Citronella performances run at the Gravenhurst Opera House from July 18 to July 28.

Read more about the show, including a link to buy tickets, at: muskokaunlimited.com/2023/07/10/farcically-fantastic/