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From MuskokaUnlimited.com: Island Grooves from Reggaddiction
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From MuskokaUnlimited.com: Island Grooves from Reggaddiction

Posted: 2023-07-26 13:55:59 By: thebay

From MuskokaUnlimited.com: Island Grooves from Reggaddiction

There is something soothingly superb about the newest Reggaddiction album Ganja Harvest.

Whether it’s the familiar lyrics that somehow fit perfectly with the island sound or the calming vibes that emanate from the band’s flow, the music definitely fulfills its intention: to take Neil Young’s iconic Harvest album and honour it with a reggae twist.

This interpretation of a classic album was inspired by the East Star All Stars’ concept album that is a reggae version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Oz Saunds, Reggaddiction’s band leader, drummer and studio engineer, saw them perform that album live in Toronto in 2012.

“I was just blown away by how they interpreted that entire classic album into reggae,” says Saunds.

That sparked a motivation to find a classic album for Reggaddiction to interpret into reggae. Being from Toronto, it was important to find a great Canadian album.

“You start thinking what are the greatest Canadian albums, not just songs, but whole albums,” explains Saunds.

They looked at Rush, Joni Mitchell, The Tragically Hip and others before finding the perfect fit: Neil Young’s Harvest.

In the song, Are You Ready for the Country, there are lines about “slipping and a sliding and playing dominoes” could easily be lyrics about spending time in Jamaica. As Saunds notes, it made sense to choose that album because it translated so well into reggae.

Reggaddiction is performing Ganja Harvest at Hillside Farm in Huntsville on Saturday, July 29.

Learn more about the concert, the album and how to get tickets at: