Get The Flu Shot

Posted: 2019-12-31 07:59:27 By: hbr

Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health says few things are as unpredictable each year as flu season. Will it be a severe season, or will it be mild?  Will the vaccine match the circulating strains? Regardless, flu season typically means more people visiting emergency rooms across the province.

The number of Ontarians who will be affected by the flu each year varies.  Last year there were more than 11,000 lab confirmed cases of the flu, and it’s likely that number is much higher because not everyone who has it will see a doctor and be tested.

Williams says the flu shot goes a long way to prevent the flu, in addition to other preventive behaviours like washing your hands, covering your cough/sneeze and staying home if you’re sick.

Over the past several years, only about one third of Ontarians have gotten the flu shot. If our goal is to reduce the impact of influenza on emergency rooms and reduce hallway health care, he says we all need to do our part and get the flu shot.

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