Gravenhurst Business Donates CO Alarms To Fire Dept

Posted: 2018-11-05 07:27:38 By: hbr

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week continues across the province, and to mark the occasion, a Gravenhurst retailer has once again donated CO alarms for free distribution by the Gravenhurst Fire Department.

Fire Chief Larry Brassard said “Last year, the Ontario based charity ‘Nolan’s Story’ partnered with Gravenhurst Home Hardware to donate 100 Carbon Monoxide alarm to our department, which have all been given out to families in our community,” he said. “With our supply now exhausted, Home Hardware and ‘Nolan’s Story’ have just donated another 100 CO alarms.”

Ian McNaughton, owner of the Gravenhurst Home Hardware says “There are many families with differing needs in our community, but no one should lack basic safety in their homes where they should be safest.”

Carbon Monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that is produced when any fossil fuel burns. In a confined area like a home, the gas can build up to toxic levels in a very short period of time if an appliance such as a stove, fireplace or hot water heater is not operating properly. 

If you know someone who needs an alarm but can’t afford to buy one, please call the fire department at 705-687-3414.