Gravenhurst Supports Community Groups Through Terence Haight Fund

Gravenhurst Supports Community Groups Through Terence Haight Fund

Posted: 2021-04-29 10:53:42 By: thebay

The Town of Gravenhurst Terence Haight Financial Assistance Committee has recommended for approval the annual granting of $25,000 in funding for several community groups and organizations.

The committee received nine requests for various amounts of funding and have recommended the approval of seven. The official approval is expected to be granted by Gravenhurst council at the May meeting.

Recommended for approval are $3,000 for Big Brothers, Big Sisters; $3,800 for Gravenhurst Against Poverty; $3,000 for the Gravenhurst Women’s Club; $9,360 for Mind-Aid; $3,340 for Ryde Community Co-Op; $1,000 for Safe Quiet Lakes; and $1,500 for YMCA Muskoka.

Not recommend was an $18,000 ask by an entity called the Adulam Foundation.

Meanwhile, a $1,500 funding request by the Gravenhurst Curling Club was turned down because it could be granted through the Community Improvement Program.

The funding for this grant comes from a $1 million no-strings-attached endowment left to the Town of Gravenhurst by the late Terence Haight.

Over the years, funds have been used to help the Ryde Community Co-Op, Rotary bursary fund for Gravenhurst High School students, Muskoka Steamship and Discovery Centre, music festivals and more.