Healthcare Task Force Recommend Two Acute Care Sites

Posted: 2018-08-09 07:23:33 By: hbr

There’s no doubt that there have been three years of tension between the Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare and the residents of Muskoka, with community members pushing for two acute care sites and the task force still considering three options.

However, last night the Task Force announced that two acute care hospitals was their preferred choice.  The next step is approval of the recommendation at a MAHC Board meeting on Friday.  The board will be discussing the recommendation and will issue a press release indicating whether or not they are going to support it.

If the plan gets passed it will move into phase B, which will be a phased approach to figure out physical plans for the buildings and how to attain proper funding.

Task Force Chair Cameron Renwick stated that they wanted to make sure all aspects of the preferred model were discussed thoroughly and that, in the end no option was perfect, but the two acute sites were more preferred.

He also said that they do not know what the medical needs of Muskoka will look like in 30 years, and as time goes on, the funding formula must also change.