Homelessness In Muskoka Higher Than Similar Municipalities

Posted: 2018-09-19 07:20:58 By: hbr

It’s estimated there are some 142 homeless people currently living in Muskoka, and another 52 homeless dependants under the age of 18.

During Monday’s District council meeting, councilors heard the results of a study carried out earlier this year by more than 60 volunteers representing 40 plus community partners.

The study indicated that in comparison to other municipalities, Muskoka has a higher prevalence of homelessness than other Ontario towns of similar size and character.

The report indicated that the 52 children classified as homeless are not living outside, but rather staying with friends or family. It described staff’s duty to report to the Children’s Aid Society if there are any identified concerns with respect to the wellbeing of a child.

In response to concerns raised regarding increasing mental health issues in Muskoka, staff confirmed that a representative from the Canadian Mental Health Association would be invited to speak at a future Committee meeting.