Homeowners Face Charges For Illegal Fires

Homeowners Face Charges For Illegal Fires

Posted: 2021-04-22 11:39:18 By: thebay

The Huntsville/Lake of Bays Fire Department report that they  have responded to two unauthorized open-air burning incidents within the last few days. The Fire Dept says the materials being burned and the pile sizes were not within the guidelines of the Outdoor Burning Bylaw and the fire department was needed to extinguish the fires.

The owners of the properties are facing charges under both the Burning and Fees/Charges bylaws.

The fire department would like to remind residents that NO DAYTIME BURNING is allowed until after 6pm and before 8am.

Non-recreational open-air burning pile sizes are to be NO larger than 6.5ft x 6.5ft while household burn areas are to be no larger than 2 x 2ft.

A hose or other form of fire extinguishing method must be immediately available when conducting any type of open-air burning and clearly defined minimum distances to combustibles and structures must be maintained.

The fire dept says every owner must comply with the bylaw and failure to comply could result in fines plus costs incurred.