Huge Turnout For Muskoka Loppet

Posted: 2019-01-28 07:22:18 By: hbr

The Muskoka Loppet took place on Sunday, at Arrowhead Provincial Park. A total of 386 skiers took part in the event, the largest number since the loppet was reinstated in early 2000’s.

Skiers tackled courses of 5, 15 and 30km. The trail conditions were excellent and the weather was favorable, although chilly on the open sections.

Podium finishes for Muskoka athletes:

5 km:

Male Age 6-7: Jakob Varieur, 1st place

Male Age 8-9: Alex Bianchi, 3rd place

Male Age 10-11: Daniel Parry, 1st place

Male Age 12-13: Aidan Spiers, 1st place

Male Open: Peter Gottlieb, 1st place; Chad Millen, 3rd place

Female: Age 8-9: Sofia Smith, 3rd place

Female Age 12-13: Mya Marshall, 1st place; Mia Smith, 3rd place

Female 14-15: Kelsey Smith, 1st place

Female Open: Shelly Brandon-Yungblut, 1st place, Susanne Allen Spiers, 2nd place, Katarina Smith, 3rd place

15 km:

Male 14-15: Zachary Varieur, 1st place

Male 16-17: Owen Johnstone, 2nd place

Male 30-39: John Snyder, 3rd place

Male 40-49: Anthony Shearing, 3rd place

Male 60-64: Peter Wiltmann, 1st place

Male 70-74: Walt Woolvett, 3rd place

Female 14-15: Clara Pringle, 1st place

Female 16-17: Fiona Shearing, 1st place

Female 60-64: Sue Sedgwick, 2nd place

30 km:

Male 16-17: Riley De Gans, 1st place

Female 40-49: Tracy Marshall, 2nd place


Full race results are available here: