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Huntsville Council Approves New Committee Of Adjustment

Huntsville Council Approves New Committee Of Adjustment

Posted: 2022-01-11 07:24:54 By: thebay

A new committee of adjustment has been approved by Huntsville council during the January 10 special council meeting.

The committee will consist of councillors Bob Stone and Jason Fitzgerald, as well as three citizen appointments, Kenneth Donald, Brandon Stapleton and Helena Renwick.

Each citizen appointment will be paid a per diem of $150 per meeting for all regular and special meetings, while if a citizen is chosen as chair, they will receive an additional $50 per meeting.

The committee of adjustment is tasked with reviewing and making recommendations on the granting of minor variances, which include items such as reduced setbacks, increased lot coverage and similar requests.

Citizen members of the committee will hold office of the term of the council that appointed them, while councillors are annually appointed to committees.