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Huntsville looks at future use of Lion's Lookout Park

Huntsville looks at future use of Lion's Lookout Park

Posted: 2023-03-01 13:31:53 By: thebay

Huntsville Council approved the recommendation by staff to develop concepts and options for future use of the Lion’s Lookout Park, in the February 27, 2023, meeting.

The Park is the 4th largest one owned by the Town, and according to the 2022 Community Service Master Plan (CSMP) report is, “one of the most poorly rated parks.”

In 2022 staff were directed to investigate concepts and utility options for potential future use of the park, hold multiple public consultations, and to report back with feedback and results.

A brief was conducted by staff outlining options to be included in the CSMP, which included feedback from a community survey of 427 respondents, 21 organizations out of the 52 invited, and 73 comments received.

Items listed in the CSMP as options for the park included an outdoor rink, year-round washrooms, pavilion/storage building, multi-use for programing, events, rentals, and outdoor fitness equipment.

Options in the report that were expressed as ‘items of need’ included a skating trail, baseball and soccer fields, events space, connected trails, and an open park space for multipurpose use.

Staff were recommended to review the concepts and develop a vision for the future use of the park, and present it to Council.

The Town Engineer Technologist, Brandon Hall, said staff is, “recommending public consultation once a vision is established to see if it’s consistent with the committee vision.”

Estimates for utilities will also be developed upon the established vision, and then presented to Council upon approval of the concepts for future use of the park.

According to the report, there are currently no funds or reserves allocated to changes that will be made to the park. The costs will be incurred upon approval of the future use. “New capital infrastructure for tourism is a eligible expenditure under the Town’s portion of the Municipal Accommodation Tax and could be considered in the future budgets by Council.”