Huntsville Mayor Announces Special Council Meeting

Posted: 2019-05-28 09:44:47 By: hbr

During yesterday’s Huntsville Town Council meeting, Mayor Scott Aitchison announced a Special council meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 12th.

This meeting will be open to the public to discuss the recent flooding in Huntsville. During the meeting The Mayor is hoping to hear from the community on how the flood was handled by the town, - what was done right, and what needs improvement.  

A report will be provided by the Director of Operations and Protective Services, Steve Hernen  that will discuss the conditions that led to this year’s flood.  The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing will also be in attendance to answer any questions regarding the disaster relief program.   

The meeting will take place on  Wed June 12th, 6 pm, at the Algonquin Theatre.