Huntsville-Opoly Game Hits The Shelves In Time For Summer

Posted: 2020-06-17 11:36:17 By: thebay

Just in time for summer, a B.C. company has introduced a game based on Monopoly called Huntsville-Opoly that gives you the chance to own some of the most famous landmarks in town.

The Huntsville-Opoly board game is available starting this week, so you can compete with your friends and families to become the biggest real estate mogul in town.

The Canadian owned and operated Outset Media is partnering with Walmart Canada to launch the limited edition board game that showcases landmarks that include the Lions Lookout, Deerhurst Resort, Conroy Park, among others.

Jean Paul Teskey, of Outset Media says “we are ecstatic that Huntsville has chosen to welcome us into their homes this summer and include us in weekly game nights with friends and family.”

A similar game called Bracebridge-opoly is available in Bracebridge.