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Huntsville to go ahead with joint construction of Anthony Court
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Huntsville to go ahead with joint construction of Anthony Court

Posted: 2023-09-08 06:34:47 By: thebay

Huntsville Council approved the staff request to proceed with the construction of Anthony Court, in the
September 7, 2023, Special meeting.
The construction will be a joint project between the Town and the District of Muskoka.
Staff previously received approval to proceed with the design of the project, and report back to Council
after investigating construction estimates, and to establish the next steps with the District.
Staff have since completed the design and tendering stage for construction of the project.
According to the staff report, the Town received one bid for the project, which was $1,154,654, with the
Town’s portion at $211,706.
The Operations Department has budgeted $2,000,000.00 for Urban Renewal Works.
The report adds that other projects, such as Yonge Street north and Cora Street, will have to be bumped
to next year due to the timing of the project, availability of contractors, and pending the decision of the
District, so that funding is available for Anthony Court in the 2023 Roads Budget.
The project is scheduled to begin this month and will take approximately three months to finish.
According to the report, “2023 Capital Budget cost for Anthony Court [is] expected to total $200,013.
Some projects, like Cora Street, will be carried over into the 2024 Urban/Asphalt. This will mean that the
cost of Anthony Court will be within the Council approved 2023 Roads Budget.”
Councillor, Helena Renwick, sought confirmation about whether the construction will be completed this
year, and why it has taken so long to get started on it.

Civil Engineer Technologist, Brandon Hall, indicated that being a joint effort, the communications with
the District and the design aspect of the project takes time. He said, “It will be completed by
November,” and now with the Town’s approval they will be “ready to go.”
Mayor, Nancy Alcock, inquired about why the report indicates the cost is approved at $211,706 and the
Huntsville portion at $155,706.
Hall clarified that the Town portion of construction of the project is $155, 706. An additional $12,000
will go to administrative/inspections, and according to the report, $30% or $44,000 will cover
contingency costs.