Integrity Commissioner Pleased With No Complaints In Gravenhurst

Posted: 2021-07-30 07:26:55 By: thebay

Integrity Commissioner, Suzanne Craig, told Gravenhurst Council she was pleased to report that there were no formal complaints received about the Town’s staff or council during from May 2020 to May 2021.

On hand to deliver the annual Integrity Commissioner report, Craig discussed a variety of topics including the role of town staff and council regarding raising and soliciting donations, community involvement, possible conflict of interests and the ability for a council member to influence council decisions.

The commissioner was pleased, noting how often Gravenhurst council takes advantage of seeking advice regarding these matters.

When asked about whether or not council members are allowed to participate in community activities Craig replied, "for clarity it is important that the public know that it is personal support and not council -directed support. You always have the right and the opportunity to represent your constituents to support community initiatives and otherwise."

Craig also mentions that when the matter involves seeking funds from council, "a council member cannot support or vote on a matter to which they have a personal or financial interest.”