Move Over Law Charges On The Increase

Posted: 2019-08-01 09:26:24 By: hbr

The OPP is concerned by the number of drivers who ignore Ontario's Move Over Law and place police, other emergency personnel and tow truck drivers at risk on the roadside.    

The OPP laid  over 1,800 charges last year against drivers who failed to slow down and move over, marking one of the highest number of annual OPP charges for this offence since the law was enacted in 2003.

Thomas Carrique, Commissioner, says "There have been close to 700 incidents in the past five years in which an OPP vehicle was struck by another vehicle while parked or stopped on the roadside.”

The findings have the OPP conducting targeted enforcement of Ontario's Move Over Law during the Civic Day Long Weekend, as they ramp up their efforts to get drivers to comply with this important law.