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Muskoka Christian Schools gets the OK to expand

Muskoka Christian Schools gets the OK to expand

Posted: 2022-06-15 13:42:17 By: thebay

The Muskoka Christian School in Utterson is expanding.

An application for a variance adjustment on the south exterior, to accommodate 2 new portable classrooms, has been approved by the Huntsville Committee of Adjustment in the June 15, 2022, meeting.

The 40-year-old school is growing with a current student population of 100 students, with 145 on the registration list for this coming September.

The new variance will help the school meet the parking requirements based on the school population. Given concerns about traffic congestion, the school is also exploring the possibility of a school bus as a means of reducing it.

According to the board of directors of the school, funds are also being raised for a further expansion. A design is in the works for a new facility in a new location, and the board indicates, “This new facility will adequately house our growing student body, add preschool and high school divisions, be fully accessible, include larger parking area with designated drop off and pick up loops, add a gymnasium and kitchen, add a makerspace/art/science room and a music/drama rehearsal room, and provide flexible learning pods and small group work areas.”